Hello All


I understand the stress that all of us feel as a result of the coronavirus.

Personally I have been working through the many social, moral, financial and 

business decisions that require my attention. And I am acutely aware of the

personal considerations each of you are thinking through.


My priority is to get Sircuit and Mollies through this period, with the ability to “Reboot”

at the end and to assist with the overall health priority, which is social distancing.


This is important that we all understand.


As a result of the government briefing this morning, it is no longer feasible for

Mollie's and Sircuit to trade at the moment. Like many businesses where working

from home is an option the reality for hospitality is we can’t do that.

I have decided a temporary closure for a two week period is the best action now,

and then review.


Business interruption is just not about a “2 week” closure. It started last week and Sircuit

and Mollie's started to feel the “pressures” from this evolving situation.

And although this temporary closure is necessary it maybe be extended for hospitality

and will take time after that to recover. 


The struggle for businesses to survive, for our collective team to “survive” is real.

I am trying my best to ensure the most vulnerable will have priority.

That does not mean I am happy with all my decisions. One thought that I am steadfast with.

Is that we will get through this. Finally. Please understand that like decisions made

already and around the world. Little notice is given by government.


I will inform you as I know. But in reality we will all probably be told at the same time.


Chris Driscoll