No Judgement Here !

SUNDAY FUNDAY! Drag queens! DJ Argonaut! $3 schnapps ( 5 Varieties) shots! $5 Bulmers cider schooners! Insanity! For the biggest of bigs, the baddest of bass, the phattest of phats. There's only Sircuit Sunday Funday.

The Shit Storm !

The northside Sunday night. Words cannot describe, except for possibly; absolute shit-storm.

Ok Is this for me? Of course it is!  You are fun, want fun and looking for fun and we want you to have it.

The bar staff are just like you! They are out for a night of all things good, shorts skirts ( that’s the men ) and a little sophistication ( that’s  Zena & Sabrina.

Sundays, it’s just a must if you are Melbourne.