ANZAC Eve at Sircuit

QWRK presents ANZAC Eve with extra shows and a special guest

Get liquored up between 8-10PM on $2 pots of any beer - all yours to put you in a frame of mind that might make you think Philmah Bocks and Art Simone’s   shows are bearable! ( + more shows and a special guest)

If that's not enough, the wonderful mix-master Argonaut is actually good at his job and can keep you dancing until times that you will regret in the morning.

From the occasional back packer, to someone talking about uni or that girl rambling about “i’ve got to work in the morning” and boys just talking to boys; QWRK has it all.

Free entry all night and with gals and boys welcome.  We  think we have  “stuffed“ your  Friday.