Easter 2014 at Sircuit !

Well are you ready!  Ready for what ?

5 Days of  “bunny, booty and butt loving fun”!  Easter, Sircuit  style.

It all begins with a pre Great  ( aka good) Friday bang With QWRK presenting Easter Thursday. Special guest  Miss Polly Filla and three shows to bunny, I mean boot. - Huge

What used to be Good Friday is now “Great” because we have Scott Anderson and the Bromosexuals.

Easter Saturday described just like this ! DJ’s Bacon Booty Disco and Club Kid Conti.

Easter Sunday and our Annual Easter After Party with Bumpa and Crew. Do I hear an “Amen” in the house. - Huge

Tired yet? Hope not ! Because its going to be one monster Butt Naked Easter Monday.

Happy Easter, welcome to Sircuit. Enjoy.