Bar Kylie has become, just like it’s name sake, a very beloved national Australian Institution.

From Adelaide to Brisbane, Melbourne to Sydney, 1000’s of fans have come to love the sense of fun, camaraderie, campness and dance that no other party can bring to the table!

Bar Kylie returns to Melbourne for The Glitter Ball!

All new Special Kylie Shows, Kylie Kocktails, Decor, Costume Competition and of course the heart and soul of Bar Kylie, DJ Argonaut (who was specially selected to be the resident DJ at the "Kylie On Stage" Exhibition at the Melbourne Arts Centre), playing the Hits, the Mixes, the Mash Ups and some NEW surprises!

Grab your Cheaper Pre Sell Tickets Now! If you've never been before - you need to experience the Bar Kylie Feeling!