Where Are We ?

103 Smith Street Fitzroy, Melbourne. (info@sircuit.com.au)

Tram 86 Stop #15, Taxi, Uber, Mates car or a pleasant walk.

Sircuit is Free Entry ( Except for special events)

What We Love...

People we welcome love, the love! 

No Aggression, no nasty behavior and certainly no judgement. 

As the “pic” says if you “Can’t”. Sircuit is not for you.

When Is The Beer Pouring ?

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday & Sunday - Sircuit is  Gay, Classic Fitzroy, Mixed and *Free Entry.

All from 7:30pm.

*Special events may alter times and door charges.

What If I Lost Something?

Shit happens! Take a breath and send an email to info@sircuit.com.au and we will do our best to find it for you. Or ring Silvertop! It’s always in the cab. Sircuit Donates lost property to the Red Cross after 2 weeks.